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Write when it suits you best, publish when your audience is listening

Schedule your presence

  • save anything worth sharing in your Stack
  • any time, using phone, pc or tablet
  • Stack publishes automatically
  • you decide on frequency, timing and channels
  • a full Stack means a free mind.

Boost your impact

Improve your effectiveness. Learn what content spread and when you reached the biggest audience. Adapt, evaluate and enter the learning loop again. Magnified social reach is at your fingertips with Stack.

natural just like you

Posting with Stack is just like human posting,
ensuring a natural distribution pattern.

organize your work

Create a separate campaign for each task at hand. Each campaign has its own posting schedule which will slide in seamless with the rest of your posts. A unique power tool for promoting a new product, upcoming event or job vacancy: try Stack campaigns, the feature is included in all 3 packages.

Control your online story

You decide what, when and where you post. Stack gives you full control. Adjust publishing during holidays, in- or exclude channels for specific posts, prepare campaigns and put them on hold until launch. Imagine the power of the latter.